Our Adjustive techiques include light force techniques such as Flexion distraction, activator, and pelvic blocking,  Diversified and side posture manipulation,  as well as extremity manipulation.   We respect some patients prefer a male or female Doctor, and we honor that request.   We do what we can to treat new patients and emergencies the same day.

We offer Advanced Certified Graston IASTM Soft tissue techniques, moist heat, ice, therapeutic ultrasound, interferential therapy, stretching, rehabilitative exercises, as well as Cold Laser Therapy in the office.  We provide  lifestyle, dietary / nutritional advice,  exercise and ergonomic advise as well.  We treat mainstream musculoskeletal conditions that you would expect, and also manage extremity problems such as foot, ankle, knee and hip problems, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand conditions, as these conditions can affect the spine.  We treat patients of most all ages, but rarely (if ever) treat infants.  If a child can communicate, we are generally able to treat them based on clinical need.

When we are treating an active and acute condition, we work on function and rehabilitation visit by visit.  Our goal is to allow you to do the things you need to and want to do.  We may utilize active and passive therapies, exercise, range of motion, working to improve what you are able to do.  We spend a lot of time explaining to patients what we are going to do and what they should expect with the care we give.  

Patients complete detailed case history paperwork.  We sit down with you face to face, to listen to and interact you.  We gather diagnostic testing relevant to your health history.  We perform a focused examination to reach a reasonable working diagnosis which helps to  formulate a treatment plan that we expect will be effective in managing your conditions.  We  re-evaluate and update  your treatment based on progress and functional  goals.  Care here is based on "Patient Need, NOT Doctor Greed."

Sometimes, we may refer you  for testing, or to a specialist for more information about your condition, if that is what is best for you, the patient.

We participate with most local insurances.   We are well versed in Work Related and Auto Related insurance and patient treatment issues.  We really only want to treat the patients that want  to get better and want the best care we can provide them.  We only refer for testing and referrals that we feel are necessary for your care and treatment not your "case." 

If we don't feel we can help you, we will make recommendations to you as to whom you should see who may help you best.  Often, we can coordinate those appointments and referrals with you based upon your needs.

Generally, it takes about an hour or so for a first visit.  Routine visits generally take about 20 - 25 minutes.  We will explain what we will do and how treatment will feel, and what you may expect during and after care.  We want you to ask questions and address your concerns and want you to be happy with your experiences with us.

Our office philosophy and approach is to get you well quickly.  We routinely discharge patients that have reached their treatment goals.  While we will offer wellness and maintenance care, we don't insist on it.   We happily discharge patients who have achieved their treatment goal, and welcome them back in the future if they need us again.   We feel this thoughtful consideration  of you makes care in our office superior.   Our caring attitude is what sets us apart.  Please feel free to contact us with questions.

Best wishes, Dr. Dave and Dr. Tina

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